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Steve Elliott

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Steve Elliott

1978 - 2006

A Shy Rockstar

Stephen Elliott also known as “Jesse” was a quiet and shy person. At first you would think he was aloof but once you get to know him, he is a really nice person. He moved to New York City from Vancouver, Canada in 2002.

He liked watching anime a lot. He preferred the ones that are English dubbed because he did not like reading the subtitles.

He wanted to overcome his shyness and discovered karaoke. At first he was so timid that you could barely hear him sing. But once he got into the music his inner rock star came out. Once bitten by the karaoke bug, he went twice a week to karaoke bars. He must have tried almost every karaoke bars in Manhattan.

He was taken too soon at only 28 years old.

I bet you are rocking out the karaoke bars wherever you are now.

You have not been forgotten buddy!

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