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Nicholas Crespo

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Nicholas Crespo

1982 - 2018

Remembering Nicholas

Nicholas was born on September 13, 1982, in New York City, New York. My first born son who was a loving, caring and generous person. Nicholas was fearless and believed in living each day to the fullest. He loved playing pranks and valued family. Nick was born in NYC and raised in the Bronx and as big as the Bronx is, there wasn’t an area of the Bronx that we visited that we didn’t bump into someone that knew my son. My son overcame many obstacles and dealt with many haters in his journey to become self employed. One of his obstacles was obesity and with discipline, determination and juicing he lost over 100 pounds. This achievement motivated him to open up a juice bar which I named “Jus Juicing”. He poured his heart and soul not to mention his life savings into his business venture. As his mother I supported his dream and thankfully so as Jus Juicing changed my life as well. Thru my son’s encouragement I learned the effects of juicing and it has helped me with my health issues. Nick was known to many as JINX but he had the luck of the Irish. I never met anyone win in poker or any bet for that matter like my Nick. He ALWAYS won. He would share his winnings and whoever he shared it with would play and win as well. Nick was only thirty- five (35) years young when he passed. He is survived by his only son Julian and Julian is the spitting image of Nick. He laughs like him and even his facial expressions are like his dad. Nick loved when I commented on how much alike they were. He always expressed how much he loved his son and how he loved parenting. Nick always wanted a big family but he was grateful for his Jewel. Nick did not like going to doctors. Right before his demise he had expressed having chest pains but refused to go to the doctor. I learned my son had an enlarged heart and died of a massive heart attack. I hope this serves as a lesson for others that don’t get an annual physical. Nick is loved dearly and missed terribly by his friends and family.

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