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Ruth VanGronigen

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Ruth VanGronigen

1910 - 2008

Honoring Grandma Van

RUTH MAY VANGRONIGEN, 98, went home to be with the Lord on Sunday September 14. She was born in Otway, Ohio on August 23, 1910 to the late Ord Newman and Annie Florence Adkins Newman.

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About Grandma Van

Nick Name: Grandma Van

Age: 98

Date of Birth:
August 23, 1910

Place of Birth:
Otway, Ohio

Date of Passing:
September 14, 2008

Place of Passing:
Blanchester, Ohio

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Thank you for creating this memorial to Ruth. We hope that you and your family find solace and inspiration by visiting the site. She was a special person and she mattered. Staff             |    Jun 28, 2014

A Rose in your Memory

Jeff Edwards             |    Jun 28, 2014

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